Sunday, May 4, 2014

Well known Smartphones of year 2014-2015.

In 2014, expect to see several top smartphones, of which we have selected three favorites, in which take into account the success and glory of their predecessors. In this list, as expected, were two super-competitor: Samsung and Apple, as well as a beginner in this competitive environment, which is rightly earned a place in our list, Google Nexus.

1. Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung has shown many of its smartphones whose capabilities were very diverse, and they stood out a large variety of processors. However, the future expected us all smartphone Galaxy S5, without doubt will be the best in this list. Next Galaxy is planning its output in early 2014. The company must make a smartphone so that it could compete with the future iPhone 6 - main competitor, the appearance of which is also expected in 2014. We know that the Galaxy S5 must obtain a fingerprint reader, dual camera, infrared sensors, carbon body, a flexible display, but more importantly, what should be emphasized Samsung - this is a new design for the flagship. That would be a big plus for us, because this factor, a new and improved design, often tempting buyers to shell out without thinking, only to become the owner of a super-tricked, stylish smartphone, perhaps, No. 1 in the world. And ordinary fans superior quality of the new smartphone is always the same - improved performance.

2. Apple iPhone 6

Apple smart phones with every release trying to prove their superiority over others, primarily due to excellent technical characteristics. iPhone 6 should be special to all its predecessors. Without a doubt, the output of this smartphone offers many fans "iPhone", but analysts are already training their languages ​​to be called after him "the best smartphone of the year." Will he be the best, time will tell, but what it can become one of the best smartphones of 2014 no doubt. Competition among smartphones is very cruel, and Apple can not get away with just increase the size of your phone. Earlier versions of this smartphone already done everything possible, their popularity has gathered an army of fans willing to pay any money to become the first owners of the new Apple iPhone 6, and is not important, what will be the characteristics of such high trust deserved company. This smartphone is not going anywhere from top-list of smartphones in 2014.

3.Google Nexus 5

Google has always represented excellent smart phones with affordable prices, respecting the quality-price ratio. Due to this, his next Nexus 5, the output of which is also scheduled for early 2014, has all chances to get in the top of our, and perhaps the world list of smartphones. Many analysts believe that the Nexus great future. Of course, to compete with giants such as Samsung and Apple, to compete in their area will be very not easy. But history proves to us that anything is possible.

4.Google Nexus 6

It is reported that the basis for Nexus 6 release date and it can be taken flagship device LG G3, announcement of which may be held on May 27. The "heart" of both devices allegedly become Snapdragon processor 805, and the amount of RAM will be up to 3 GB.
The size of the display of a Nexus 6 may be less than the 5.5 inches, which, presumably, will have a screen G3. But in both cases, the resolution will be QHD (2560x1440 pixels).It is also reported that the smartphone Google receives fingerprint sensor for user identification by fingerprints.