Friday, July 4, 2014

What Could Be The Next Samsung?

Samsung is the world’s largest technology company by sales, production, and manufacturing of electronic devices, etc. Samsung’s headquarters are situated in Seoul, South Korea. They are popular for manufacturing android smart phones. They are further proceeding to launch new smart phones in the market place.

The upcoming Smart Phones by Samsung
A new range of smart phones by Samsung will be launched this year. The next Samsung devices will probably be the most anticipated and awaited devices of the 2014. The wide ranges of upcoming smart phones are as follows:-
  1. Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime
This smart phone is the revised version of Samsung Galaxy S5. It includes minor specification enhancement as compared to the Galaxy S5. It might have a metallic body. Some leaked specifications of the handset are:-
  1.  2.7 GHz 8-Core processor with new snapdragon 805 chipset
  2. 2560 X 1440 or 2K resolution display i.e. 577ppi
  3. Super Amoled screen
  4. Adreno 420 GPU
  5. 3GB RAM
  6. 16 mega pixel rear camera
  7. 2 mega pixel front camera
  8. Android 4.4 Kitkat
  9. IR sensor

  1. Samsung Galaxy  S6
There are rumors that Samsung Galaxy S6 can be first Android phone to have a 64-bit architecture. Even the phone is not yet announced but there are so many talks about it. Here is a look on some of its specifications:-
  1. 16-core processor
  2. Snapdragon 810 chipset
  3. 4GB RAM
  4. 5.2 inch QHD (Quad High Definition Display) screen
  5. Ultra HD display with 2K resolution
  6. Android 5.0
  7. 128 GB internal memory
  8. 21 mega pixel camera which can do 8K video recording
  9. 8 mega pixel front camera
  10. UV sensor

  1. Samsung Galaxy S6 Mini
Samsung will also launch the Galaxy S6 mini as per their history of S-series. There is a rumor that this phone will be the last phone of the S-series. Being the last phone of the S-series Samsung shall make it a grand success. Thus, it might be a good high-end smart phone. Its Specifications are:-
  1. 2.23 GHz 8-core processor with snapdragon 805 chipset
  2. 2.5 GB RAM
  3. Android 5.0
  4. 13 mega pixel rear camera
  5. HR sensor
  6. 5 mega pixel front camera
  7. Aluminum body

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 4
After the success of Galaxy Note 3, Samsung is planning to launch the Galaxy Note 4 in September or October this year. It has been leaked by some people that the device will have a UV sensor. It would be a high-end Phablet by Samsung with great specifications like:-
  1. 2.7 GHz Octa-Core processor and Snapdragon 805 Chipset
  2. 5.7 inch QHD(Quad- High Definition)  Super Amoled Screen
  3. Adreno 420 GPU (Graphic Processing Unit)
  4. 4GB DDR3 RAM
  5. Exynos 5433
  6. 4G capabilities with Dual channel Wi-Fi
  7. OIS (Optical Image Stabilization)
  8. 128 GB storage
  9. 16 mega pixel rear camera with Sony made sensor
  10. 2 mega pixel front camera
  11. Android 4.5 Lollipop (will get an update to Android 5.0)
  12. Touch Wiz 4.0
  13. Waterproof and Dustproof

  The above smart phones shall be priced at 600$ to 850$. We believe that these smart phones will make the customers more excited and might bring a change in the world of technology.  

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Well known Smartphones of year 2014-2015.

In 2014, expect to see several top smartphones, of which we have selected three favorites, in which take into account the success and glory of their predecessors. In this list, as expected, were two super-competitor: Samsung and Apple, as well as a beginner in this competitive environment, which is rightly earned a place in our list, Google Nexus.

1. Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung has shown many of its smartphones whose capabilities were very diverse, and they stood out a large variety of processors. However, the future expected us all smartphone Galaxy S5, without doubt will be the best in this list. Next Galaxy is planning its output in early 2014. The company must make a smartphone so that it could compete with the future iPhone 6 - main competitor, the appearance of which is also expected in 2014. We know that the Galaxy S5 must obtain a fingerprint reader, dual camera, infrared sensors, carbon body, a flexible display, but more importantly, what should be emphasized Samsung - this is a new design for the flagship. That would be a big plus for us, because this factor, a new and improved design, often tempting buyers to shell out without thinking, only to become the owner of a super-tricked, stylish smartphone, perhaps, No. 1 in the world. And ordinary fans superior quality of the new smartphone is always the same - improved performance.

2. Apple iPhone 6

Apple smart phones with every release trying to prove their superiority over others, primarily due to excellent technical characteristics. iPhone 6 should be special to all its predecessors. Without a doubt, the output of this smartphone offers many fans "iPhone", but analysts are already training their languages ​​to be called after him "the best smartphone of the year." Will he be the best, time will tell, but what it can become one of the best smartphones of 2014 no doubt. Competition among smartphones is very cruel, and Apple can not get away with just increase the size of your phone. Earlier versions of this smartphone already done everything possible, their popularity has gathered an army of fans willing to pay any money to become the first owners of the new Apple iPhone 6, and is not important, what will be the characteristics of such high trust deserved company. This smartphone is not going anywhere from top-list of smartphones in 2014.

3.Google Nexus 5

Google has always represented excellent smart phones with affordable prices, respecting the quality-price ratio. Due to this, his next Nexus 5, the output of which is also scheduled for early 2014, has all chances to get in the top of our, and perhaps the world list of smartphones. Many analysts believe that the Nexus great future. Of course, to compete with giants such as Samsung and Apple, to compete in their area will be very not easy. But history proves to us that anything is possible.

4.Google Nexus 6

It is reported that the basis for Nexus 6 release date and it can be taken flagship device LG G3, announcement of which may be held on May 27. The "heart" of both devices allegedly become Snapdragon processor 805, and the amount of RAM will be up to 3 GB.
The size of the display of a Nexus 6 may be less than the 5.5 inches, which, presumably, will have a screen G3. But in both cases, the resolution will be QHD (2560x1440 pixels).It is also reported that the smartphone Google receives fingerprint sensor for user identification by fingerprints. 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S6 Specifications revealed

Samsung is working on a 20 megapixel camera posing for the Galaxy S5 used. It appears from the information that is usually published.There were rumors about a 16-megapixel camera.

The Samsung 20 megapixel camera would see somewhere mid-2014 with a smartphone, which is probably too late for the Galaxy S5. This is after all expected in the first quarter of 2014, and mass production in January was all going to start.

The Samsung 20 megapixel camera could also pass his debut in 2015 in Galaxy S6. Samsung is known that the hardware of the Galaxy Note flagship mostly one on one is inherited from the previous Galaxy S flagship. This would mean that the Galaxy Note 4 same camera module as the Galaxy S5, and S6, the Samsung Galaxy would get.

It is also not yet clear whether the Galaxy S5 get optical image stabilization, a feature where several competitors are using them. The camera module works by optical image stabilization for stable and thus keep. Sharp image This prevents shaky pictures and frequently focus, and ultimately leads to pictures and videos of better quality.Those features which was not included in Galaxy S5 will now be introduce in Galaxy S6.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Google Nexus 6 with Finger Print Scanner

The Google Nexus 6 will be equipped with a fingerprint scanner. The search giant would also base the device on the LG G3 that production takes on the account.

LG G3 will be on 27 and 28 May are presented. If Google Nexus 6 indeed again relies on LG's flagship, we come on those days undoubtedly a lot to know about Google's new smartphone. Based on the allegations of the source has Android Geeks a mock up put together that shows how the Nexus 6 might look.  

Mock up is one of the key features of the Nexus 6 would Google copying from Apple, HTC and Samsung.Google in talks with several Asian suppliers of such parts. According to the rumor, the Nexus 6 specs equipped with a qHD screen of 5.2 inches. 

Google's senior vice president has already indicated that needs to be. A new Nexus is not expected in the first half of 2014 The possibility exists therefore that Google manages to place. Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 chipset in the device This chipset is expected in the second half of this year. The Nexus 6 to be the latest model in the product range that Google called into life in 2010. Google would instead Android Silver product line calling in life .

Nexus 6 or LG G3: The another version by Google

Even after the end of the MWC 2014 in Barcelona is brewing in the rumor mill further because the next new Smartphones are already in the starting blocks. Between Google and LG, it was probably not only a hot flirt, but actually something serious.

Even the last two Nexus Smartphones came from the workshops of LG, Google one was with the collaboration and the devices probably very satisfied. Now, even the next model of LG is to come, as discussed in the environment of the Mobile world Congress 2014 would have experienced in Barcelona. According to the information there is in this case to keep the Google Nexus 6, i.e. a phablet the 6-inch class that is bigger than all previous Nexus phones.Google Nexus 6 release date will be declared as the end of this year 2014.

Recently had been to hear that Lenovo is to build the Google Nexus 6, probably as a reward for that Google has facilitated the unprofitable Mobility business of Motorola. But now it is supposed to be LG again. The Nexus 6 however, no completely new model, but a modified LG G3 - so to speak two new products in it. The successor to the LG G2 should therefore be presented in June, about a year after the current model. This corresponds to the usual rhythm of the manufacturer.

Google Smart watch is 

The Nexus 6 is, however, not be the only novelty of Google, as the search engine giant now wants the current rumored to also present its own Smart Watch. The manufacturer of choice? Also LG. The Koreans have so far presented no separate Smart watch, the Google project would be a pioneering achievement. If the new information is correct, LG is increasingly becoming home and purveyor for Google.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S6 shows impressive concept

Samsung Galaxy S6 shows awesome concept.  before you've even gone on sale Samsung Galaxy S5, remember that it is still in pre-sales, the large group of designers who are no longer online have to work or have to work your imagination to show us how they expect to be the new  Samsung Galaxy S6 . 

As we can see in the images and the video accompanying this article the design studio today imagined a Samsung Galaxy S5 extremely bright with a screen side by side, ie, practically without side edges. Besides that in the back highlights the large camera lens and flash along with the new sensor included in the Samsung Galaxy S5 for measuring heart rate.

As for the specifications that the designer of this Samsung Galaxy S6 expected are summarized in a 16-core processor Exynos 8000, an incredible amount of 4 GB of RAM and an internal storage of 128 GB. The screen would have a size of 5.2 inches with a resolution 4K and flexible style of the LG G Flex. 
The rear camera would be 21 Mpx and able to record video at 8K. All this would be powered by a battery 3500 mAh or 3300 that would endow sufficient autonomy.

The  Samsung Galaxy S6  would have the Android 5.0 operating system and the price would not be too exorbitant, at least when compared with the initial price of Samsung Galaxy S5 as it would for about $ 750. 
Of course these specifications designed for the  Samsung Galaxy S6 could well come by 2015 but since in doubt that these specifications can come in the next  Samsung Galaxy S6 . and You, what do you think of this new concept?

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Nexus 6: Rumors| Release Date| Features| Price

Google is back with yet another Smartphone. The Nexus 6 Smartphone from Google now becomes the latest Smartphone Google is planning to introduce into the market. This follows the good response Nexus 5 received from customers. Google has now upgraded the Nexus 5 and created new technology that will make this new device a top asset in the Smartphone market.
Google has had to fight a tough battle with giant Smartphone companies such as Samsung, Apple and HTC to curve itself a market niche in this crowded Smartphone market. Though most Smartphone manufacturers create low end Smartphones, genuine high end Smartphones dominate the talks with their genuine features and high end technology that dwarfs the low end Smartphones. Google Nexus 6 Smartphone is now set to succeed Nexus 5 as Google’s smartest Smartphone. This device too is expected to offer competition to Apple’s iPhone 5S and Samsung’s Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung Galaxy S5 that are set for release this year.
Some of the information related to Google Nexus 6 can be check out on


Rumor has it that this device will be Google’s last Nexus family Smartphone and that Google will start another line of Smartphones. This is due to the fact that there is already another product by Google by the name Google Nexus 7. This Google Nexus 7 is a tablet by Google that was produced quite some time ago. It is not known whether Google will skip the name Nexus 7 in honor of this tablet or will stop the production of Nexus series Smartphones. Some critics argue that Google had already decided to make Nexus 6 the last of the series. However, this news has not been confirmed by Google. So all we can do is wait and see what Google will do.

Google Nexus 6 view

Release Date

Nexus 6 release date has not yet been confirmed by Google. However, Google has already confirmed that this Nexus 6 will be released this year. Analysts expect that this device will be released in October. This is after studying Google’s calendar over the previous years and October stands out as the most likely month for production.

Google may choose October as the release date so as to maintain their tradition of letting a Smartphone sell for one full year before introducing another Smartphone. This is what Google has been doing with the previous Smartphones. Similarly, last year in October, Google released the Nexus 5. This was a year after Nexus 4 was launched. Likewise, we expect that this October Google too will release this newest Nexus Smartphone.

This device has been made with the modern technology to enable it compete effectively with the likes of Samsung Galaxy S5. Google is expected to use Android 5.5 lollypop in this product and as usual, will let you enjoy pure unaltered Android experience. Google is well known for shunning so many upgrades to the Android and thus avails their Smartphones with the pure Android touch. This makes it easier and fun to operate the Smartphone. Moreover, of all high end Smartphones, Nexus 6 is expected to be the least priced thus the advantage of getting a high end Smartphone at a low cost.