Friday, March 7, 2014

Things you need to know about the Galaxy S6 Smartphone

As the time goes by, day after day comes with innovative inventions and revolutions. As such, the mobile industry is by day gyrating with new features, devices and technology that is changing with the changing times. In this industry, Samsung which is a manufacturer of original equipment is well known for its production of top notch mobile phones, Smartphones and tablets.  Among a number of others, the S series is some of the best known models produced by the company; with the latest on the market currently being the Samsung Galaxy S4 model which was released into the market some time back in 2013.  Hardly a year into this, Samsung is already contemplating another device in the series; Samsung Galaxy S6.
With millions of units of each galaxy S series selling each year, it is obvious that Samsung has a good position especially in the production of Smartphones. The latest Smartphone in the S series, the Galaxy S4 which was released in April 2013 has recorded well over around 50 million units sales barely a year since it’s launching! in due course, there have been plodding changes in the features and specifications of Samsung’s S series smart phones. And with such, it is expected that Samsung Galaxy S6 will be no different in integrating even a further advanced technology.

Some of the Specifications that include into the Galaxy S6 Smartphone are as follows: -

·        Operating System
This device is set to come with an upgraded operating system. Rumor has it that Samsung is preparing an upgraded version of Android 5.0 Key Lime or Android 5.5 milkshake or the Tizen OS.

·         Body
Just like rumor has it about the body which is to be used in Samsung Galaxy S5, it is also expected that this metallic flagship will be used in this device. This will ensure Samsung migrates from its usual plastic flagship.

·         Display
It has also been rumored that the Samsung GalaxyS6 Smartphone will also come with a 3D AMOLED screen of 5.5 inches. The screen will also be HD and a very flexible touch screen. This creates flexibility in usage as well as guaranteeing convenience.


·         Camera
Galaxy S6 will have an improved camera quality as compared to that of Galaxy S5.S5 will come with a 16 megapixels and Galaxy S6 will see an additional 4MP to reach 20MP. Samsung has also capitalized of an improved camera with Optical Image Stabilization and 8K resolution. This camera will be flagged by another front-side 4-7 megapixel secondary camera to complement the photo-taking experience.

·         Memory
Galaxy S6 will come with adequate memory to ensure that you have all the memory you need for your professional work as well as for your leisure activity work. It will come with an in-built 128 GB memory that will solve all your memory problems. It also supports 4GB or 6 GB RAM.

·         Processor
Galaxy S6 will come with Samsung developed processor, it will have Exynos 5 hexa core processor. This processor will come with a 6 core ARM-Mali T628 which is very high performance processor.

·         Battery
Galaxy S6 will have higher battery backup with 3500 mAH to 4000 mAH.So you can enjoy on your Smartphone for long hours without any interruption.

·         Wireless Charging and Connectivity
Galaxy S6 supports wireless connectivity through Bluetooth v4.0 with A2DP, Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n. It also supports wireless charging using magnetic resonance technology. This allows for charging of the device or gadget from anywhere and at any time.

·         Design and Weight
Samsung still make improvements in terms of making their phones slimmer.  And with Galaxy S6 it may offers sleek and slimmer and innovative looks. Galaxy S6 will weigh approximately 160 to 170 grams. So, with such kind of device, you will never feel that you are carrying some additional weight around.