Friday, March 21, 2014

Google Nexus 5 vs Nexus 6

After the release of Nexus 5 by LG which is known as the best Smartphone in accordance with the new Technology now their are rumors about Nexus 6.Nexus 5 has been praised for it's hardware and an incredible software that allows users to buy this Smartphone.It has stylish and good looking experience with high end refinement at a low price.For all these reasons,this device has sold very well in the market to a great extent.

Those who bought and used Nexus 5,will now be surprised when they came to know that what more can be offered in a Smartphone.So,the news about Nexus 6 release is now rumor in the market. Now, the question comes into the mind of the people that in what respect or what new technology will be there in Nexus 6 which make it different from Nexus 5? Smartphone.

Nexus 5 incorporate 2 GB RAM with a 2.3 Ghz quad-core snapdragon 800 chipset. Now, in Nexus 6 it will be featuring 4 GB RAM.Also,the Screen Size of Nexus 6 is will be bigger than Nexus 5.Google is said to move from Android 4.4 Kitkat Operating System to an upgrade Android Milkshake System.Their is slightly difference in the Screen Size.

As you all know that Nexus 5 was manufactured following the partnership between Google and LG.So, LG also introduce some of their features in Nexus 5.But now the news is that Nexus 6 will not be launch With the partnership of LG. Rather,Google eyes are focused on Chinese tech giant, Lenovo.

So,Lenovo may introduce Nexus 6 this time and it is expected that the sales of Nexus 6 will be more than Nexus 5.This all is because Lenovo commands a better market share all over the world such as in Asian Countries.Other reason can be that people can expect more from Lenovo in comparison to LG.

People can also expect that the Camera Specifications of Nexus 6 will be better than Nexus 5 which is 8 megapixel.So, Rumors has it that Nexus 6 will incorporate 13 megapixel Camera with better capture quality.Also, the Primary Camera in Nexus 5 is 1.3 megapixel which will update to more than 2 megapixel camera in Nexus 6.Nexus 6 will also support wireless charging feature which is new to the Smartphones.

The last Nexus i.e. Nexus 5 was affordable,and now Nexus 6 will not effect the pocket of the customers.So,people also love Google devices because they offer great services in comparison to all other phones.So, it is expected that Nexus 6 release date at the end of year 2014 and may be in the third quarter.

A keen look at the next indicates that it will be inspired by the Nexus 5,yet trying to upgrade every new feature if updated to reach to more consumers and Google lovers.So, we can expect that Google will give competition to the other manufactures in the market.